Who we are

Introducing MangoSwapp by MMIT

We are thrilled to announce the launch of MangoSwapp, Our very own cryptocurrency swapping platform. With MangoSwapp, you can easily and securely swap thousands of cryptocurrencies without any hassle. Our platform is designed with your security in mind. We understand the risks associated with sandwich attacks and have implemented the necessary measures to safeguard your assets. With MangoSwapp, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.

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Who we are

Introducing MangoWallet by MMIT

Mango Wallet is not your typical decentralized wallet. With a simple and intuitive interface, Mango Wallet makes managing your cryptocurrencies easy and hassle-free..

Our Benefits


No, we don’t have any reflection, and we don’t cut money from the user's pocket like other. we have 0% reflection.


We are developing the best ecosystem where you will find mango swap, mango wallet , mango blockchain, mango travel, and many more.


We are real and backup by real team, Our team go at leading crypto offline events also and MMIT has won the Best Crypto Debut Award at Crypto Expo Asia 2022.


We have been audited by many auditors, and MMIT has its physical office in Dubai.

  • Marketing Fund: 10%
  • Development: 7%
  • Liquidity Fund: 5%
  • Sold pre sale phase 1: 10%
  • Sold in pre sale phase 1: 21%
  • Burn: 30%
  • Staking Reward: 17%

Every 3 months 1% of the token will be burned

First burning will be done on 23th April. So stay tuned
OUr Roadmap
We don't just talk like others, we deliver on our promises and turn stories into realities
Phase 1

Launched pre sale at a price of 0.000000001

Brand awareness

First Fruit Meme token launch

Attended Crypto Expo Dubai

Phase 2

Listed at Pancake Swap

Coingecko listing

Coin market cap listing

Won the Best Crypto Debut Award at Crypto Expo Asia

Phase 3

Kill one zero and reach a price of 0.000000013

Listed in the top Centralized exchanges

To achieve 1000 rank at coingecko

Phase 4

Holders to 10000

Kill one more zero
Mangoswapp Launch

To get listed in top 10 CEX

Phase 5

MMIT Store launch and partnership with Binance Pay

To get listed in top 10 CEX

Mangoswap Launch

To Get in Top 300 At Coingecko

Phase 6
Mango wallet Mango Man own blockchain Kill one zero To get in Top 200
MMIT decentralised staking
To get Listed at Top 5 CEX
Phase 7
To get listed at Top 3 CEX To kill 1 more zero To get listed at Top 3 CEX Mango Metaverse launch More soon

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